Idemitsu 0W-20 Full-Synthetic

Idemitsu 0W-20 Full-Synthetic 4L

৳ 4,450

Idemitsu 0W-20 is a Full-Synthetic engine oil specially designed and formulated with highly improved fuel efficiency and performance. The special additives and synthetic components contribute to a significant reduction in engine noise.


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Idemitsu 0W-20 is a fully synthetic engine lubricant that formulated with robust additive technology, enabling engines to achieve maximum levels of efficiency, torque and horsepower. Idemitsu 0W-20 helps extend engine life by minimizing wear and keeping the engine free of harmful deposits, delivering extended drain intervals and protecting emission control systems.

Idemitsu 0W-20 Full Synthetic Price in Bangladesh

Brand Idemitsu
Model Idemitsu Motor Oil
Engine oil type Fully-Synthetic
Viscosity 0W-20
Volume 4 Liter
Price in Bangladesh 4450
Status Available

Features and Benefits

  • High-quality synthetic base oil.
  • This lubricant is formulated with advanced friction-modifying additive technology.
  • This synthetic oil provides more stringent sludge control and seal compatibility.
  • The oil is formulated to enhance fast engine responsiveness
  • Offers improved high temperature and deposit protection for the piston.
  • Increases engine performance with outstanding engine cleanliness.


Idemitsu 0W-20 Full-Synthetic is especially suitable for all modern 4-stroke gasoline engines.

Note – Always consult your owner’s manual to check the recommended viscosity grade and specifications for your particular vehicle.