৳ 4,000,000

ISUZU FSR 33L is built for tough conditions with 4 wheel drive and a high ground clearance this truck can handle tough situations smoothly. ISUZU FSR 33L estimate price in Bangladesh is BDT 40,00,000/-


Basic Specification

Model 6HH1-N (6 cyl)
Displacement 8,226 cc
Power 129Kw (175 PS)
Max Torque 461 Nm
Model MBJ5J (Manual 5 Speed)
Length, Weight & Equipment
Gross Vehicle Weight 11 Tons
Chassis Length 6,070 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 200 Litres
Tyre 9.00-20-14pr LUG (8studs)
Wheelbase 4770 mm
GVW 11000 kg
Load Body Length 22 Ft
PayLoad(Official) 6 Ton
Load Capacity(as per market) 11 Ton +-3 Ton(unofficial)
Equipped Features
  8.25-20-14PR (8 studs)
  Driver and co-driver seats (with center seat and back tray)
  Seat Belts
  Sun visor driver’s side
  Heater & Defroster
  Power Steering
  AM/FM radio (with cassette player)