Tata Ace Ex2

৳ 915,000

The all-new Tata Ace EX2 is a mini truck that offers 750 kg of payload, 2 cylinders, 20HP of BS6 engine with 700 cc of power, and 45Nm of Torque. Tata is ranked the fourth biggest truck and bus manufacturer in the world. Nitol Motors Ltd is the authorized distributor of Tata in Bangladesh. Tata Ace EX2 estimated price in Bangladesh is BDT 9,15,000/-


Type 2 cylinder, water-cooled engine
Engine capacity (cc) 702
Max engine output 16 Hp @ 3200 rpm
Max engine torque 38 Nm @ 2000 rpm
Fuel tank capacity (litres) 30
Clutch Single plate dry friction diaphragm type
Gearbox GBS 65-4 / 6.31
Type 5 speed manual transmission
Steering Mechanical steering
Front Parabolic leaf spring
Rear Parabolic leaf spring
Shock absorber Hydraulic double acting telescopic type
Front Disc brakes
Rear Drum brakes
Type 155 R 13 LT 8PR radial
Wheelbase (mm) 2100
Vehicle dimensions (l*b*h) (mm) 3800 x 1500 x 1861
Cargo Box Dimensions (l*b*h) (mm) 2140 x 1430 x 300
GVW (Kg) 1550
Payload (Kg) 710
Grade ability 15%
Top speed (kmph) 70

Tata Ace Ex2 Overview

Tata Motors is the biggest Indian car manufacturer with consolidated revenue of USD 34.7 billion in 2012-13, and is ranked the fourth biggest truck and bus manufacturer in the world. They have been doing great business here in Bangladesh. They are one of the popular brands in this segment of mini trucks. The Tata Ace EX (the first variant of the Ace family) was first introduced in 2005 and sold more than 1 million units in various countries. so you will find many Ace on the roads of Bangladesh. 

This vehicle is aimed to boost the rural businesses along with the last mile solution for the Urban and semi-urban customers. So this one is very reliable in the terms of business. You can use it for many types of purposes. Before you buy one make sure you read the full overview.

Looks and design: When it is for the business the looks don’t matter as long as you get your work done properly. But this Tata Ace Ex2 looks pretty bold. With its signature blue color, the Ace Ex2 also offers a nice comfy interior. The seat has good leg space and headroom makes you feel comfortable during long drives. 

Engine performance: The Ace Ex2 is matted with a powerful 702 cc 2 cylinder, water-cooled engine that is capable of producing 16 Hp @ 3200 rpm maximum output and 38 Nm @ 2000 rpm maximum torque. With this engine power, you can get your work done with ease. Yet it gives a high fuel efficiency of 20 kmpl. The mechanical FIP construction allows easy serviceability at a low cost.

Fuel consumption: Ace has a proven 700 cc Euro-I , 2 cylinder IDI NA engine which can provide a mileage higher than 18 kmpl. If you think thoroughly it sets a competition on the Sub-1 Ton category. This mini-truck maximizes fuel efficiency without compromising on its performance.

Applications: The Tata Ace Ex2 can be used for many purposes. It can be used as a public utility, distribution and emergency service. It offers has a wheelbase of 2100 mm which is the best in class. With this long-wheelbase Ace gives better stability while carrying heavy loads. The long-wheelbase gives better stability while carrying heavy loads and the best in class ground clearance helps to negotiate any terrain with ease.

Price: Tata Ace Ex2 is currently available here in Bangladesh. Nitol Motors Ltd is the authorized distributor of Tata in Bangladesh. The cash price of the Tata EX2 is 75,0000 BDT. You can also buy it with a credit option. They also offer a semi-cash option for the outside area. You will find all the spare parts easily and will be cost-efficient.

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