Toyota Hiace 15 Diesel

The Toyota Hiace 15 Diesel is a 15 seater which is one of the most seen vehicles here in Bangladesh. It is equipped with 6-speed manual transmission and adopts a turbocharger which provides dynamic performance and enhances fuel economy. All the safety features are installed and provides a very comfortable ride with ease. A brand new version could not be found but you can always get a reconditioned one.

Estimate Price: 42-44 Lacs (Recondition)


Engine & Transmission :
Engine 4 Cylinder L-Type/2986 cc
Fuel Type Diesel
Max Power(Horsepower) 68 hp @ 4000 rpm
Torque 197 @ 2400 rpm
Transmission Type(Gear) 5-Speed(Manual)
Performance & Fuel Economy :
Mileage(ARAI) 15 kmpl(Automotive Research Association of India)
Top Speed unknown
Brakes :
Front Brake Ventilated Discs
Rear Brake Drum Brakes
Interior :
Seating Capacity 15 Persons(Including Driver
No. of Seating Rows 5
Fuel Capacity 70 Litres
Exterior :
Overall Length(Feet+Inch) 15′ 4.84″
Overall Width(Feet+Inch) 5′ 6.73″
Overall Height(Feet+Inch) 6′ 5.95″
Ground Clearance(Feet+Inch) 0′ 7.28″
Body type Microbus
  • ABS
  • Semi Reclining Rear Seats
  • Power Steering


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